Solutions and Projects

This is a consulting work, focusing on areas of Distribution, Logistics, Storage, Supply Line Production, Re-employment and displacement of persons and objects in large plants.

This service is free and aims to integrate our products in different production areas of company.

We prepare the best solution to use Club Car vehicles, optimizing the activity of the customer, generating competitive advantage. Focus on reducing the immediate cost and operational assumptions such as speed, safety and productivity in the completion of tasks.

The work is developed based on the following criteria:
1. Visit the Company
2. Data Collection and Opportunities
3. Preparation of Technical Report
4. Test Drive

Some opportunities for our vehicles:

Industrial Plants
Residential Condominiums
Golf Courses
Hotels and Resorts
Shopping Centers
Public and Private Security
Special (airports, military bases, campuses, sports complexes, farms and sites, cemeteries, supermarkets)

Technical Assistance for Electric Vehicles

Parts and Accessories for Electric Vehicles

We keep a permanent stock in our Maintenance Center in Rio de Janeiro, to meet the needs of our customers.

Standing stock;
Fast answer;
Possibility of stock in the customer company;
Own import.


We have a computerized maintenance center in Rio de Janeiro with 11 trained technicians, four service cars, and three mobile units, equipped with complete tools.

Computer workshop;
Latest generation Ingersoll-Rand Club Car Equipment and Tools;
Integrated Maintenance Management System - Club Car_ SMVEg;
12 years of expertise in maintenance and distribution of Club Car;
Ready in service requests;
Qualified professionals and trained by the factory;
Specialized technical supervision;
Maintenance and productivity management reports per vehicle;
Guarantee of service;
Stand by vehicle.


Preventive Visits: Weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly and half;
Corrective Visits: Attendance until 48 hours.

Car Station Express

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Maintenance contract after the purchase.

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